Asylum Seeker Vetting Toolkit

What is the problem?

—A flow of refugees unprecedented since World War II
—“Hitchhikers” on the flow of Syrian refugees, who use the crisis to enter Europe.
—The refugee movements are exploited by terrorist organizations to infiltrate Europe.
—Lack of reliable tools and procedures to screen refugees and validate their information.
Ambiguity of names that are transliterated from non-Latin script languages (e.g. Arabic)
—Lack of tools to identify potential radicals and extremists intentionally infiltrated among the refugees.
—Lack of tools to cover Social Media to discover  potential references to asylum seekers that could shed light on their identity.

The Asylum Seeker Vetting Toolkit will create a protocol in which to gather the information from subjects, automatic matching of the responses, analys the names, identify the person in the correct context and match it with the person's ideological backround.