Software developer:

Looking for a Web programmer with experience in Client technologies

Skill needed: 
  1. 1+ years Front End development
  2. Experience with Angular
  3. Excellent knowlege in Javascript HTML5 CSS AJAX JQuery JSON
  4. Knowlege in PHP 
  5. Team player


We are looking for a brilliant engineer, a team player an expert programmer to join our company.

Skills needed:

1.       C++ dev in VS – minimum 2 years experience
2.       Java – minimum 1 year experience
3.       PHP – advantage
4.       TripleStore/RDF/SPARQL – advantage
5.       NLP experience / Comutational Linguistics / Statistics / Other human languages - advantage

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NLP / Machine Learning Expert - Team Leader
We are looking for a Team Leader who is an expert in NLP with excellent software design and programming skills to join and lead our R&D team. The position involves planning and managing the company's R&D and will include also design, implementation, and maintenance in our text-analytics platform. We have a very complex and interesting system, and the Team Leader should be able to cope with learning the intricacies of the system, locating problems, proposing and implementing solutions, as well as designing and implementing new modules, and in addition handling hands-on technical problems. Knowledge in C++, Java, SQL, and an extensive experience in these languages is a must, as well as a proven ability to learn quickly on the job.
Position in a glance:
- Full time.
- 6+ years of solid industry programming experience in C++, Java, SQL.
- Expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, or statistical algorithms / Data Mining is a must.
- The position involves “hands on” production-level programming in C++, (High-level design of algorithms is not sufficient)
- Relevant academic background (Computer Science, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, Linguistics) – at least BSc summa cum laude or MSc.
- Past service in 8200 or a similar unit in text analysis is a definite plus.
- Knowledge of Arabic or any other languages (NOT Hebrew, English, or Russian) is an advantage.
- Experience working in a start-up environment is an advantage.

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