IntuView is a leading developer and provider of semantic text-analytic solutions for unstructured text that combine cutting-edge ontology-based technology with document exploitation.

Established in 2006, IntuView leads the artificial-intuition revolution with field-proven technology and solutions for sentiment analysis, entity extraction, name matching and idea mining in a variety of languages, including English, Arabic, French and Spanish. The technology features a Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform provided both as a standalone server and a cloud-based API.  

The company’s flagship solution – IntuScan™ – is a semantic text analytics platform that combines advanced ontology-based technology with NLP algorithms to provide users with automated understanding of unstructured text in a variety of languages. Spanning the entire range of tasks to extract meaning from text – from language (and dialect) identification, through entities detection to discovering sales opportunities in social media, IntuScan provides topic identification and categorization, and in-depth understanding of the inner meaning of text that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

IntuView’s solutions are easily and flexibly integrated into business intelligence systems, defense applications, homeland security and commercial markets. Analyzing documents to discover security threats or to maximize marketing and sales opportunities over social networks – IntuView’s technology untaps the potential of unstructured digital texts. 

Leveraging the company’s years of experience and accumulated knowledge in the defense and homeland security sectors, IntuView capitalizes on the value of in-depth analysis of large bodies of text. The company’s solutions extract explicit and implicit information from between lines of text, matching entities and ideas and reporting on significant insights. Providing true multilingual semantic analysis, IntuView’s products are flexibly integrated into existing applications, help in decision-making processes and ensure a competitive edge. 

IntuView puts at the disposal of the industry a cadre of experts from around the world with the vision of developing true insight into the real meaning of statements in a variety of texts, regardless of language, field or context.