Due Diligence and Internal Auditing

IntuScan helps companies target their advertising campaigns to obtain larger market share and increase sales while keeping advertising costs to a minimum.

Today, online advertising fuels the revenue of many companies but their ability to tailor and target messages to specific audiences is limited. Analyzing both text and sentiments, IntuScan™ discovers the attitudes, approach and mindset of different consumer groups, helping companies target their campaigns and focus on consumer that will derive optimum sales for them. IntuScan™ Social Media enables the user to perform:
  • Identification of prominent entities that appear in the discourse of given target groups to utilize them in development of advertising themes.
  • Entity recognition and aggregation to gauge the prevalence of brands, products and other entities in the social media.
  • Sentiment recognition to identify specific sentiment (not generic positive or negative only) towards entities.
  • Measurement of the impact of advertising campaigns.
  • Aggregation of sentiment towards different entities linked to a common parent (products of a certain company).