IntuScan™ IED (Improvised Explosive Device) Module
Instructions for building munitions – from simple personal arms to improvised explosive devices, and even CBRN weapons – are ubiquitous on the Internet and are conveyed in various channels (Email, SMS etc.). Identification, interpretation and assessment of the operational implications of such materials are prime missions of intelligence and law enforcement agencies.
To assist with these goals, IntuView has developed the IntuScan™ IED Module. This module of IntuScan™ detects, analyses, categorizes and summarizes documents containing instructions (recipes) for the preparation of improvised explosive devices.

This module contains:
  1.  A taxonomy of relevant chemical sub-stances, compounds, products, proce- dures and recipes.
  2.  A lexicon of Arabic and English words and expressions relevant for the explosives domain.
  3.  Expert rules for inferring the types of explosive products and explosive devices which may be constructed using the components and processes mentioned in the documents.
The IntuScan™ IED module detects documents, which refer to “recipes” for building explosives and chemical based weapons, while filtering out documents that refer to innocuous chemical-related issues. This is performed through propriety algorithms, which identify chemical substances, procedures, safety measures and amounts and match them with a large and comprehensive database of known "recipes" for improvised explosives used by terrorists.
The algorithms also infer possible operational use of the products, taking into account the implications of the sensitivity, volatility and amount of the produced explosive substance. This information can be useful in assessing whether the recipe is intended for use in explosive vests, car bombs, on aircrafts, etc.
Uses of IntuScan™ IED include:
  • Employment in counter-terrorism operations for real-time detection and identification of explosives-related documents.
  • Integration in SIGINT for interception of documents with references to preparation of explosive devices.
  • Open Source Intelligence for scanning of blogs and web sites which provide instruction on preparation of explosive devices.
Updates - The IntuScan™ IED module was created and is being updated on a monthly basis by a team of experts in the fields of explosives, terrorism,and the Arabic language.
Configuration - The IntuScan™ IED module can be used either as an integrated component of the IntuScan™ system or as a standalone application for dealing only with explosives related documents.