IntuScan™ Platform is a unique platform for coping with the challenge of vast amounts of documents 
collected in the framework of counter-terrorism operations – most of which are never processed for the life-saving information they may contain.
IntuScan™ perform real time content analysis of texts for possible relevance to terrorism. IntuScan™ enables the user to analyze large quantities of documents, to prioritize them and to obtain immediate abstracts of their content, hermeneutics of cultural-religious references and allusions in the texts, identification of their 
authorship, political leanings, ideas, concepts, issues and sentiments, and extraction of both explicit and implied information deriving from the context. The current release of IntuScan™ has already been fielded with counter-terrorism forces and supports English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Hindi, Indonesian and Hebrew for the domains of terrorism and radicalism.