Defence & Law Enforcement:
Multilingual sorting and classification, real-time document exploitation (DOCEX), triage and categorization of large amounts of captured and/or intercepted documents, websites, social media, and more Early warning about social dissatisfaction to predict and measure social unrest and potential political turmoil (for example, the 'Arab spring')
  • Extraction of information from social media for homeland security crisis management
  • Identification, aggregation,matching and link analysis of entities
  • Identification of ‘recipes’ for improvised explosives
  • Surveillance of the money trail of terrorism and narcotics traffic 
Advertising & Marketing
  • Comprehensive and in-depth analysis of social networks to identify subgroups based on linguistic and interest 
  • Extraction of information about different areas of interest by different groups
  • Identification of the sentiment of group members towards entities, products and issues, including drill down to the reasons and focus of such sentiment
  • Identification of sectors and entities that may be compatible with a product for intelligent lead generation and building targeted commercial messages to well-defined social sectors

  • Intelligent and fast analysis of claims, insurance policies and customer feedback
  • Identification of fraudulent claims and other risky patterns of behavior
  • Text analytics and idea mining automates insurance analysis processes

  • Replaces labor-intensive legal research
  • Enables sorting and categorization of enormous amounts of disclosure documents submitted in legal cases by both government prosecutors and defense attorneys
Political Research:
  • Supports forging political campaign message by constantly monitoring and measurement the responses of the electorate towards candidates, their statements and behavior