IntuView takes the strengths of its technology to the legal sector by applying text analytics, sentiment analysis and entity extraction to the realm of legal compliance and control. The solution helps legal firms sift through vast number of documents to pinpoint the cases they need to focus on for their legal assessment. At the same time, text analytics helps detect language that may lead to major exposure.
  • IntuScan creates a paradigm shift by transforming the labor-intensive, human-centric task of reading and analyzing large amounts of legal documents into automatic, productive and collaborative actions.
  • Ensures compliance with emerging international legal and financial rules and regulations.
  • Guarantees rapid analysis of large volumes of electronic information, including emails, IM texts, telephone logs, depositions, recordings, and any form of digital and scanned documents and records.
  • Text analytics of investigation and forensic work.
  • Substantially reduces the high costs involved in legal discovery and minimizes compliance risks.
  • Identifies entities, relationships and sentiments in all types of legal investigation texts.